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Vacation - II!

Dear readers,

Margarita and I spent a fantastic 1.5 days together! She was enamored with Paris - who would say anything otherwise about the City of Lights? Of course, she was very sad to leave. And I was sad to let her go. It was really nice to have a companion, for once! We went to the top of the Eiffel Tower (very top!), took a boat ride on the Seine, ate at a cafe in the Latin Quarter, went to buy wine and cheese for her friends...She took an open bus tour while I was on a field trip to the Museum of Decorative Arts (housed in the Louvre palace, but not part of the Louvre itself).

Today in the evening, I will be on a plane off to Belfast, Northern Ireland with Daniela! I have to pack, do laundry, go to Danielle's, and prepare lunch before this. I will be coming back from Dublin to the Beauvais airport in Paris, which is 1.5 hours away from the city! Thankfully, there is a shuttle that goes to Porte Maillot (near the Champs Elysees). I will be back next week Thursday late in the evening! Our trajectory will be Belfast - Cork - Limerick - Dublin (we might switch Cork and Limerick around). Henry will be joining us on Saturday!

Once again, I pray you forgive me for the lack of photos and lack of descriptive adventures this time around. I am in debt to you!

Have a wonderful, wonderful week!!

A la semaine prochaine! (Until next week!)

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