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Romanian Restaurant and Eiffel Tower Promenade

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So, after I studied for my PolySci exam, I headed over to rue Saint-Dominique, by the Eiffel Tower, to join Daniela for an authentic Romanian dinner! She came with her Romanian friend Yordan (spelling probably incorrect). I can't remember how they met...possibly through Yonella, Daniela's other Romanian friend. Sam called and gave me the silliest excuse for not joining - she went to Happy Hour with her friends after their French exam and was too tipsy and tired. Today, I found out that she ended up going to sleep right when she got home. Ok, I suppose I'll forgive her. But that's right, it was Cinco de Mayo yesterday! It's way too easy to forget these things in Paris!

The restaurant, Doina, was the quaintest, littlest place I had ever seen! I loved it! There were black and white photos lining the walls, some Romanian flags, and a t.v. playing a Romanian folk music station. Right away, Daniela and Yordan started speaking to the manager in Romanian. At some points, he would look at me as well and say, Da? Hey! You stole that from us! Hahaha! I told him that I speak Russian, in Russian, and then he said to me, in Russian, "Very good! What is your name? Nice to meet you!" Before Daniela and Yordan's generation, Romanians had to learn Russian in school, so some of them know a little bit from back then.

And then, something very European happened. Since the place was so small, we got seated at a 6-person table with 3 Brazilians! Right next to them! They were super nice. Two were visiting from Maryland, where they live, and the other is their friend who lives in France. I found out that it's much better in Maryland than in Rio. I wonder if Maryland is a preferential place for Brazilians; on my trip to France 4 years ago, there was a Brazilian girl, Sofia, in our group, also from Maryland. I found out that Brazilians are now getting married much, much later, and especially the women, who want to feel equal to the men in career, first. One of the ladies had a single 35-year-old son. She was pleasantly astonished when I told her that I'd like to get married before 25.

Romanian food is quite close to Russian, and this means one thing: very few vegetarian options. I was recommended the salata de vinete, which is their traditional eggplant salad. And it turned out to be delicious and filling, since I had it with baguette :-) Daniela got something that looked like golubtsi (meat and rice ball wrapped in cabbage leaves) as well as polenta, which is a corn kasha of sorts, which she gave to me. But before all this, I was told that I simply had to try the traditional plum liquor, which is supposedly stronger than vodka (eek!) Thank goodness that it wasn't, but I didn't like it at all. Daniela was quite disappointed with it haha!

Genia joined us for dessert, for which we all shared a fried donut with sour cream and sour cherries (vishine, in Romanian! which is close to vishnya, in Russian). I didn't enjoy it very much, but at least I got a traditional taste. We left the restaurant at 11:30, and it was still full! We took a beautiful walk to the Champs de Mars (right in front of the Eiffel Tower), went under the Eiffel Tower, and walked up to Trocadero, all the while taking photos. I named this Facebook album "It Never Gets Old!" :-) I'm going to miss this SO much!!


Took the PolySci final today; wasn't very hard. Now studying for Business French. This is going to be my last Shabbat in Paris :-(
And something super random happened...I was frying zucchini when I noticed a message on one of them!


Apparently, this means "How was it?" So random. Well, at any rate, I'm glad to know that I bought zucchini from Israel...

Shabbat Shalom! Omer count: Day 17 (I needt to remember to count!!)

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